Aussie Millions Main Event Payout Structure

The winner of this year's Aussie Millions is going to take home $1.5 million dollars. The break-up of the prize pool, with 747 entrants, is also going to make a millionaire of the second place finisher. Eighty places will be paid, here's the full list:

1st $1.5m
2nd $1m
3rd $700k
4th $500k
5th $400k
6th $300k
7th $220k
8th-9th $155k
10th-12th $120k
13th-18th $90k
19th-24th $60k
25th-30th $40k
31st-36th $30k
37th-48th 25k
65th-80th 15k

Brad Willis
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