BCM11 turns FPPs into a car

You ever wonder what a Frequent Player Point looks like?

The FPP is ethereal. It's untouchable. It floats along as little pieces of data. Try to grab one and you can't. It doesn't really exist.

Until it does.

While you're wrapping your head around that concept, let's turn to PokerStars Supernova BCM11. For the early part of his life, his exploits and dreams existed in the tangible world. "Growing up I always wanted to be a professional athlete," he said. "I was getting close to realizing that dream playing soccer."

BCM11 was a high school All-American and his home state's player of the year. It looked like his dream was on track. Then, as he puts it, "Unfortunately, things don't always work out as planned."

'Nuff said.

With his athletic career behind him, BCM11 turned to a different competitive pursuit. "It started out as just something for fun a couple years ago," he said.

Before long, BCM11 had decided he was going to play poker for a living. He said, "Thankfully I found poker as a way to compete on a daily basis."

That's when BCM11's trek through the world of the intangible FPP got pretty interesting. He started playing lots of $220 and $550 heads-up SNGs. Lots of them. Enough that he could set a goal that seemed unreal.

"I set the goal about a year ago to get the Porsche," BCM11 said.

Just a few weeks ago, BCM11 earned his three millionth FPP point. After a few e-mails and a short wait, BCM11's FPPs turned into something tangible. Really tangible. The kind of tangible that sticks out in the driveway.

That's a brand new Porsche Cayenne with BCM11 behind the wheel. It cost him...well, nothing. He traded in his ethereal FPPs for something that most folks couldn't pay for in cash.

So, there you go. That, at least in this case, is what an FPP looks like.

Sorta pretty, isn't it?

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news