ElkY wins race to Supernova Elite

Back in the days before ElkY was a member of Team PokerStars, he burned tracks in the first couple weeks of 2006 to become PokerStars' first Supernova. Most online players--even the high volume folks who see the sun once a week--couldn't believe how fast ElkY made it to what was then the highest PokerStars VIP Club membership level.

It's not been too long ago that PokerStars introduced an even higher VIP Club level--Supernova Elite. Members of the group get insane benefits, including 400% FPP bonuses, access to all VIP events, and entries into more than $20,000 of major tournaments. All it takes to become a member is a paltry one million VIP Player Points during a calendar year.

It took ElkY just a little more than four months.

This weekend, ElkY crossed the one million VPP mark to become the first member of the Supernova Elite level.

ElkY at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo

"It was really really hard work but I'm proud I still managed to be the first to get it," ElkY said.

Now, after four hard months of work, ElkY is going to take a short break and get ready for next month's World Series.

As both the first-ever Supernova and first-ever Supernova Elite, ElkY needs a new challenge.

First man on Mars, perhaps?

Brad Willis
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