EPT Barcelona: Chaos continues

The craziness continues in Barcelona -- as well as the eliminations that usually follow.

Some of those eliminations:

Moments ago, Noah Boeken bit the dust. He was all in on a flop of K-8-10 rainbow. Noah had 7-9 for the open-ended straight draw, but he was called in two spots; one player had 10-8; another pocket eights.

Noah Boeken

The turn was very kind to one of those, and very cruel to two. It was another ten, giving the player with 10-8 (believed to be Ola Brandborg) a full house and leaving the others, Noah included, drawing dead.

Also out are Paul Testud, whose queens lost to sixes. And Praz Bansi, whose queens lost to A-9. But the ladies were kinder to Daniel Negreanu, who thought about folding them pre-flop when a tight player moved in, but instead took the risk and ended up tripling through, beating A-K and K-10. He's up to around 60,000.

Daniel Negreanu

Patrick Antonius perished at the hands of Martin Wendt - twos versus queens, all-in pre-flop.

Four players then contested a huge pot on Joris Jaspers' table. One of those was Jaspers, and I'm happy to say the PokerStars qualifier prevailed. He moved in pre-flop over the top of two all ins in the seats immediately to his right.

Joris Jaspers

Paul Wasicka had all of them covered and thought for long enough for about 50 railbirds to flock to the table. In the end, Wasicka folded and the players -- Alexander Salabascher, Paul Gourlay and Jaspers -- showed 9-9, 10-10 and J-J respectively.

No suck out -- in fact, the jack flopped -- and Jaspers leapt to around 60,000.

Brandon Schaefer just took down a nice pot ahead of the dinner break. He made a sizeable bet on a board of two nines and a queen to push his solitary adversary out. Schaefer, EPT maestro from the United States, has about 93,000.

Other notables:

Michael Wong (PokerStars qualifier) - 90,000
David Williams - 39,000
Katja Thater (Team PokerStars) - 23,000
Daniel Stern - 85,000
Sverre Sundbo (PokerStars sponsored pro) - 60,000
Juan Maceiras Lapeido - 95,000
Ryan Nathan - 52,000
Philip Yeh - 85,000
Thomas Wahlroos - 58,000
Daniel Negreanu (Team PokerStars) - 58,000
Dag Mikkelsen - 52,000
Paul Wasicka - 75,000
Mark Teltscher - 100,000
Brandon Schaefer - 93,000

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