EPT Barcelona: Day 1A wrap

Things have just about wrapped here in Barcelona and the players are bagging up their chips and heading to the bar bed.

It's been a good day for Team PokerStars, with all four of those who started still breathing at the end of it all. Katja Thater has a little over 17,000; ElkY nearer 19,000; Noah just over 21,000 and Sverre Sundbo up to 60,500 by close of play.

Some of the PokerStars qualifiers are going great guns too. Andrey Zaichenko, from Russia, just bagged up 55,000 chips; Cort Kibler-Melby, from Germany, has 59,450. Also returning on Wednesday are Phil Starrs, from the UK, who has about 19,000 and Samuel Laborde, from France, who's sticking 36,000 under his pillow tonight.

As ever in these huge events, there are players we will have missed and players who will come from nowhere to soar into the chip lead. The full chip count will be posted here and on the EPT site as soon as it's made official by Thomas Kremser, EPT tournament director, and his super-efficient casino staff.

Check back tomorrow for full coverage of day 1B, which is certain to be another star-studded affair.

In the meantime, here's what happened today:

Welcome to Barcelona
An introduction to some of the notables
The rise and fall of Gobboboy
Boeken and Shaefer go in opposite directions
Cort Kibler-Melby: an early contender
Sverre versus Supernova

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