EPT Barcelona: Day 1B wrap

The bagging up has begun here in Barcelona, and the usual end-of-night chaos has ensued. Through the clattering and chattering, it's just about possible to discern that 112 players have made it into day two, where there'll be joined by the 99 from yesterday.

Here's what they'll be playing for:

1 €1,170,700
2 €673,000
3 €388,800
4 €301,000
5 €250,800
6 €196,500
7 €154,700
8 €104,500
9-10 €64,800
11-12 €46,000
13-14 €33,450
15-16 €25,100
17-24 €20,900
25-32 €16,700
33-39 €14,650
41-48 €12,550
49-56 €10,500
Total prize pool €4,181,100

Those 200-odd contenders almost didn't include Daniel Negreanu, who found himself all in on the final hand of the night. The board was 2h-3h-6c and Negreanu's push for around 8,000 was called by Lex Veldhuis. Daniel showed 7-7 for an overpair; Veldhuis was on the flush draw and overcards. He showed Kh-8h.

None of his outs materialised, though, and KidPoker lived to fight another day.

The chip leaders still include Daniel Stern, Thomas Wahlroos, Fabrice Soullier, Patrick Antonius and Theo Jorgensen. A full count will, of course, be posted here as soon as we know it.

Also still bagging at the end are: Patrick Bruel, Johnny Chan, Mika Puro, Alexander Stevic, Raymi Sanchez Thorn, Eric Van Der Burg, Dag Mikkelsen, Marc Goodwin, Stig Top Rasmussen, Praz Bansi and PokerStars qualifiers Aditya Agarwal, Dennis Plejdrup and Anton Smolyanskiy.

There will be others, so be sure to check back tomorrow.

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Goodnight from Barcelona.

Brad Willis
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