EPT Barcelona: Day three updates

3.10am: Greg Raymer, the former World Champions and current PokerStars ambassador, has just passed on the news that play will end for the night at the end of this level. That's in about 15 minutes.

2.50am: On the outside table, there are also some sizeable stacks. This sizeable, in fact:

Mohamad Kowssarie -- 360,000
Voitto Rintala -- 380,000
Nikolaus Jedlicka -- 730,000
Greg Dyer -- 241,000
Philip Yeh -- 85,000
Sander Lylloff -- 505,000

2.40am: Massive pot to Adam Junglen, who made a great call for all his chips with A-10 against Tronde's pre-flop bluff push with Q-J. The flop brought an ace and the young American, who bought in here with PokerStars W-Dollars catapulted to the chip lead. He has 636,000.


There are 90 minutes left until the Gran Casino Barcelona closes its doors for the night. The original plan here was to play until the final table of eight, but the grumbling and groaning from press row betrays a confident yet disheartened belief that that number will not be reached.

In the past hour or so, we have lost one player: the young PokerStars qualifier Aditya Agarwal, from India, pushed in behind pocket 10s and was pushed over and out by Nikolaus Jedlicka's queens.

On the television table, there's an interesting battle brewing between Tronde Eidsvig, the dominant chip leader from Norway, and pretty much every other player, all of whom are looking to double through the monster stack.

At last count, they were sitting beneath the lights with the following:

Tronde Eidsvig -- 904,000
Mark Teltscher -- 568,000
Juan Maceiras -- 467,000
Mika Paasonen -- 381,000
Adam Junglen -- 299,000
Patrick Bruel -- 269,000
Davidi Kitai -- 186,000

Brad Willis
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