EPT Barcelona: Final day action

5.30pm: Local interest ends in Spain with the elimination in ninth place of Juan Maceiras. He got it all in -- about 280,000 -- against, guess who, Gregory Dyer. Maceiras had A-6, Dyer another big slick, and we now have a final table. We'll have accurate chip counts momentarily, but Dyer is clearly the chip leader with 1,400,000+

Maceiras takes
€64,800 for ninth.


Approximate chip counts:

Mika Paasonen - 940,000
Sander Lylloff - 530,000
Gregory Dyer - 1,100,000
Nikolaus Jedlicka - 660,000
Adam Junglen - 435,000
Mark Teltscher - 620,000
Juan Maceiras - 250,000
Tronde Eidsvig - 400,000
Patrick Bruel - 420,000

Mohamad Kowssarie becomes the latest victim of the one-man wrecking machine that is Gregory Dyer. Mohamad moved in for about 300,000 pre-flop and Greg called. It was Q-3 for Mohamad and A-K for Greg. The flop brought a king, but also an inside straight draw for Mohamad. It didn't hit and Kowassie is out in tenth for €64,800. The next man out with also get that amount before we reach the final table proper.

Mark Teltscher just doubled up. He raised from the button then called for all his chips when Juan Maceiras raised from the small blind. Teltscher showed tens; Maceiras ace-king. Despite vociferous local support for Juan, there was no help and the British player doubled up.

Patrick Bruel just doubled up through Mark Teltscher. They got all the chips in pre-flop. Patrick had A-J, Mark 4-4. The ace spiked on the turn.

: And another one down. This time it's Davidi Kitai who gets it all in pre-flop, bolstered by queens in the hole. But Sandor Lylloff wakes up with aces and the board doesn't help Kitai. Down to ten.

3.45pm: Maybe it'll be quicker than we thought...?

Barely ten minutes into play today and we've lost two players.

Greg Dyer took two bites to eliminate Voitto Rintala, eventually finishing him off with an A-9 versus a 9-7. Voitto will take €33,450 back to Finland for his 13th place.

And a few hands later, Davidi Kitai took out Philip Yeh in 12th, who's ambitious push with 4-6 ran into a significantly more sizeable A-K. Yeh picks up €46,000 for 12th.

Dyer will have about 400,000 now, while Kitai is up to the mid 300s.

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