EPT Barcelona: Final table

12.25am: All over! Mark Teltscher manages to get Sander to push pre-flop holding just J-10, a perfect chance for the Brit to double up. He has kings, but Sander spikes a jack on the flop and another on the river and that's that. Sander Lylloff wins the PokerStars.com EPT Barcelona.

12.15am: Heads up chip counts:
Sander Lylloff (Denmark): 3,658,000
Mark Teltscher (UK): 1,765,00

(And a bottle of Cristal champagne - as requested by Mark Teltscher to be shared between the heads up players)

12.10am: Gregory Dyer is eliminated in third. He came over the top Sander's pre-flop raise and was justly fearful at the instant call from the Dane. Sander showed two red aces; Greg's K-8 never caught up and he's out, taking €388,800 for third.

12.05am: Big pot goes to Sander Lylloff. He manages to get paid off with two bigger pair than Mark Teltscher's (aces and tens versus jacks and nines) and he hits top spot.

12.00am: Latest chip counts, courtesy of the ever chipper Thomas Kremser:

Mark Teltscher (UK) - 2,500,330
Sander Lylloff (Denmark) - 2,299,000
Greg Dyer (USA) - 591,000

11.45pm: Greg Dyer doubles up again, this time coming over the top of Sander's pre-flop raise. Sander had to call for about 100,000 more, even with just 10-4. Greg had A-2, spiked two aces, and survived a backdoor straight draw to survive.

11pm: Greg Dyer doubles up with K-Q. Sander had to call. Not only was it just 300,000 to him, but he had A-5. The flop brought the king and it was a full house by the end after three sevens also came on the board.

10.50pm: Greg's downward spiral continues. This time he mucks in disgust after calling a 160,000 river bet from Mark Teltscher. Teltscher had shown a rivered two pair. Greg is all in for 360,000 on the next hand and... survives.

10.40pm: After some trading of chips between Sander and Mark, Greg decides to get involved, and probably wishes he hadn't. He ends up shoving 300,000 into the pot on the river, looking at a board of 9s-Jd-4s-7d-4c. When Sander calls, Greg is forced to show eight high (6-8) and Sander's pocket fives, backed up by a great call, take it for the Dane.

10.15pm: The players have just returned from their dinner break to begin the final stretch. One of these folk will be a millionaire by the end of the night:

Mark Teltscher (UK) - 2,128,000

Sander Lylloff (Denmark) - 2,064,000

Gregory Dyer (USA) - 1,221,000

8.45pm: Mark Teltscher takes a sizeable pot off of Greg Dyer. They get about 100,000 each in pre-flop, then Greg check-calls Mark's 300,000 bet on the flop of 9s-3h-6h. Mark then moves in on the turn of 8h and Greg passes.

8.35pm: Sander Lylloff just doubled up through Mark Teltscher. They got it all in pre-flop with ace-queen (Mark) and ace-king (Sander). No queen and Teltscher is now third with about 1.6 million, Sander second with 1.8 million and Greg first with 2 million.

Final three counts:

Mark Teltscher (UK) - 2.7 million
Greg Dyer (USA) - 2 million
Sander Lylloff (Denmark) - 900,000

They're playing 12,000-24,000 blinds with a 3,000 ante.

8.25pm: Mika Paasonen is out. Greg Dyer opened the pot, Mika moved his last 60,000 into the middle and Sander Paasonen came along for the ride. They checked it all the way down to the end, where a king fell and Greg bet. Sander passed and Greg showed K-10 for the rivered top pair. Mika had A-7, which was not enough, and went home with €301,000.

8.15pm: Massive, massive pot goes to Mark Teltscher and leaves Mika Paasonen crippled. All the action happened after a flop of 8c-4c-Kh. Mika bet 200,000 and Mark called. The turn was a 5s and Mika checked. Mark bet 300,000 and Mika moved all in. Mark called instantly, showing K-4 for two pair. Mika, though, had K-Js for top pair, a flush draw, and loads of other outs. A jack or eight would also do it. But the river was 10c and Mika is left with about 70,000. Mark has close to 3 million.

8.05pm: Double up for Sander Lylloff. He bets on the button pre-flop and Greg Dyer comes over the top, all in, from the big blind. Sander calculates that it's 450,000 more (all his chips) to win about one million and makes the call. He shows A-9, Greg has K-10. The board brings an open-ended straight draw for Greg but it doesn't hit and Sander doubles up.


The final four:

Greg Dyer (USA) - 2,138,000
Mika Paasonen (Finland) - 1,394,000
Mark Teltscher (UK) - 1,361,000
Sander Lylloff (Denmark) - 530,000

7.40pm: We're ripping through the field now, and this time it's Trond Eidsvig who's taken the fall. Mika Paasonen raised from the cut off and Trond called from the small blind. The flop came 6c-9d-Jc and both players checked. The turn brought a 10 and plenty of action. Trond bet and Mika moved all in. Trond called in an instant. The Norwegian player showed K-J for top pair (checked on the flop, remember) but Mika showed 10-9 for two pair. The river was another 10, making a full house for Mika and taking him near to the chip lead. Trond wins €250,800 for fifth.

7.30pm: And then there were five. This time, Adam Junglen moves in for his last 280,000 and, after Mark Teltscher dwells for an age before folding, Sander Lylloff does make the call. Sander has 8-8, Adam A-4 and the K-K-Q-2-6 board helps no one. Adam takes €196,500 for sixth.

Final six counts:

Greg Dyer - 1,596,000
Mark Teltscher - 1,519,000
Mika Paasonen - 959,000
Sander Lylloff - 638,000
Trond Eidsvig - 443,000
Adam Junglen - 282,000

7.20pm: It's all over for Nikolaus Jedlicka. Mark Teltscher raised from early position, Nikolaus re-raised all in from the small blind. Teltscher called with A-Q and raced against Nikolaus's 10-10. Teltscher won: there was a queen on the flop, an ace on the turn and no 10. Jedlicka takes €154,700 for seventh.

7.15pm: But Teltscher soon has the chips back, calling a small pre-flop raise from Mika, then re-raising on a board of 2-3-9. Mark upped it to 240,000 after Mika bet 90,000. Mika passed. "I wish I'd have made a bad squeeze," said big blind Adam Junglen. "I had deuce-three."

7.10pm: Mark Teltscher is raising every pot, but was just caught at it when Sander Lylloff re-raised and got him to lay it down. A lot of chat, not much action.

7pm: Mika Paasonen just took a nice pot off Nikolaus Jedlicka, somewhere in the region of 200,000. It was a battle of the blinds and an all-club flop -- 9-3-J -- which Nikolaus bet. Mika called, as he did when Nikolaus also bet the turn, 7h. Nikolaus slowed down on the river of 3h, but Mika came out firing with a bet of 120,000. Nikolaus thought long enough that he seemed certain to pass, but instead slid out a stack of brown chips. He was shown 8-3 for the rivered trips and mucked.

6.55pm: Cagey, as expected. Greg Dyer raised from the button and was called by Nikolas Jedlicka in the big blind. They checked it all the way and Greg showed 10-7; Nikolaus announced queen high. The flop had hit Greg's seven and he took a small pot.

6.45pm: About three hands in, and we've lost our first player. It's Patrick Bruel, who moved in on an all-heart, ace-high flop. Mark Teltscher thought for a moment before calling and showing A-9, with the nine a heart. Bruel was on the steal. His 10-10, no heart, needed a lot of help and didn't get it. The fourth heart on the turn pushed Teltscher above a million and Bruel back to Paris.

The final table is about to begin, with the following players sitting in various states of nervousness or confidence around it.

1 - Gregory Dyer (USA) - 1,606,000
2 - Adam Junglen (USA) - 320,000
3 - Nikolaus Jedlicka (Austria) - 569,000
4 - Mika Paasonen (Finland) - 924,000
5 - Mark Teltscher (UK) - 676,000
6 - Sander Lylloff (Denmark) - 502,000
7 - Trond Eidsvig (Norway) - 452,000
8 - Patrick Bruel (France) - 374,000

A little bit about them all:

Seat 1: Greg Dyer, 20, Minneapolis - 1,606,000

Harvard statistics student Greg is too young to even play in a US casino - but he's clocked up some substantial successes online since taking up the game a few years ago. Last February he won a PokerStars $150 tournament for £21,000 and he has grown his $5 bankroll – borrowed from a friend - to some $150,000. Greg doesn't plan a fulltime poker career but admitted he has had "discussions" with his parents about his new pursuit. "Actually they weren't really worried until I starting winning a lot."

Seat 2: Adam Junglen, 19, Stow, Ohio, USA - 320,000

He may be just 19, but Adam Junglen has already made a real name for himself both online and on the live circuit. Playing as "AJunglen7" on PokerStars, he won the Sunday Million in July for close to $200,000 – adding to a string of impressive tournament results on the site. He also cashed in this year's Aussie Millions and came 5th in the pot limit event at the Johnny Chan Poker Classic in Canada. Things didn't start so well here in Barcelona - the airline lost his luggage - but Adam's fortunes have changed since then. He survived a table featuring Greg Raymer and Patrick Antonius on day 1B and has been soaring ever since. This is his first final table on the EPT.

Seat 3: Nikolaus Jedlicka, 20, Vienna, Austria - 569,000

Young Austrian Nikolaus is having a pretty good summer. In June, he won the Austrian Masters main event for €70,940 and he's also cashed in several other smaller events in Austria in the last year. Known as "RealAndyBeal" on PokerStars, Nikolaus is a Supernova player and cashed W-Dollars for buy-in to Barcelona. He's only been playing a couple of years and normally plays Omaha cash games.

Seat 4: Mika Paasonen, 29, Haamenlinna, Finland - 924,000

A former security guard in Helsinki, Mika Paasonen's life changed three years ago when he watched the poker movie "Rounders" with a few friends. They started a tiny-stakes home game which prompted Mika to begin playing online, and, after returning a steady month-on-month profit, he turned professional after just a year. Here in Barcelona, he's been playing a tight-aggressive game and has been among the chip leaders since Day 1.

Seat 5: Mark Teltscher, 27, London, UK - 676,000

Mark is already had enormous success at EPTs – he won EPT2 London for £280,000 and came 11 th at the Grand Final for €33,500. Sandwiched between those two successes was another huge win - the $5,000 NLHE tournament at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic in Las Vegas, Nevada - for a further $374,965. As of 2007, he has made nearly a million dollars in live tournament winnings. Mark comes from a backgammon and bridge background – and was an Under 18 bridge champion.

Seat 6: Sander Lylloff, 25, Copenhagen, Denmark - 502,000

Sander Lylloff is better known for backgammon than poker – in fact, some consider him one of the best players in the world. He took up backgammon after failing to get into university, and before that he was a junior chess champion. He's no stranger to EPTs and won a side event at the Monte Carlo Grand Final in Season 2. He and fellow finalist Mark Teltscher are room-mates here in Barcelona but claim there won't be a fight if one of them ends up busting the one!

Seat 7: Trond Eidsvig, 22, Aalesund, Norway - 452,000

Making the final table of EPT Barcelona is Tronde's biggest success in his poker career to date. He turned professional 18 months and played at EPT Dortmund last season, getting knocked early in the second day.

Seat 8: Patrick Bruel, 47, France - 374,000

Patrick Bruel, 47, is known as the first Frenchman to win a WSOP bracelet (1999) and also hosts the French version of the WPT TV show. In his home country however, Patrick is extremely famous as an actor, singer and media personality with over 40 film credits, including Sabrina with Julia Ormand and Harrison Ford. His 2003 album Entre Deux sold over 2m copies. Although he has played many EPTs, this is Patrick's 1st EPT final table.

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