EPT Barcelona: Inching to the end

Day 1B is drawing to a close - and there are some very big stacks developing.

Daniel Stern, from the United States, is probably top of the pile still, sitting behind about 115,000 or so (if my tired chip-counting eyes aren't deceiving me.)

There's also a nice little battle developing on another table, where Fabrice Soullier, the French player, is nursing a stack of around 75,000 right next to where Thomas Wahlroos, of Finland, riffles about 80,000.

Elsewhere, Patrick Antonius has taken a hit and is down to about 34,000; tablemates Martin Wendt and Dag Mikkelsen remain healthy on 30,000 and 35,000 respectively. Ross Boatman, however, has perished.

Daniel Negreanu has a new neighbour, and a slightly reduced stack. Next to him now is Praz Bansi, a British World Series bracelet winner, and his stack is about 15,000. I can't be certain where it went, but PokerStars Supernova Lex Veldhuis has around 43,000 - at least 10,000 of which he didn't have a few minutes ago.

Not a big stack but always worthy of a mention is Dennis Plejdrup, a serial qualifier for the EPT and World Series on PokerStars. He's still battling, and recently got it all in with A-9. That's nice when the board brings another three aces.

Plejdrup has about 13,000 as the end of the day nears.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in