EPT Barcelona: KidPoker starts to play

After an uncharacteristically quiet opening few levels -- both in terms of chatter and play -- Daniel Negreanu is moving into gear. And it's a joy to watch.

Daniel Negreanu: the moment KidPoker woke up

Always the entertainer, for the poker connoisseuer and the amiable railbird alike, KidPoker has snapped into action in the past couple of hours, stealing pots, posing for photos, accumulating chips, accepting dinner invitations, running over his table.

A moment ago, he entered into a conversation with a gaggle of enthusiastic players/spectators about the upcoming World Cup. One problem: Daniel was talking soccer, they were talking poker.

"What position do you play?" he asked. "Forward, midfield, defence?"

"Errr," they replied. Big laughs.

In the middle of all that, he called a pre-flop raise on the button and saw the big blind come along for the ride. When both opponents checked the J-9-5 board, Daniel fired out 1,500 and picked it up. He shrugged his shoulders. Easy as that. Back to the conversation.

Negreanu knows that now is about the time to start making his moves. He has somewhere like 22,000 as we enter the final level of the day.

Not so good for both Luca Pagano and Humberto Brenes, who are out. Daniel Stern, however, has more than 80,000 and is the probable tournamant chip leader, having overtaken Gregory Dyer's total from Day 1A.

Brad Willis
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