EPT Barcelona: Prodding at the bubble

It's bubble time in Barcelona. Fifty-seven players remain, 56 will get paid. As ever, vultures are circling above the poker room as we await the most unfortunate cadaver.

Thomas Wahlroos, from Finland, was out in 58th. He pushed with 10-7c and was called by 9-9. The flop gave hope: J-Q-K but neither the ace nor nine came and he was gone.

For the record, we have a new chip leader in Mohamad Kowssarie, from Sweden. He's been silent all day, but must have just taken a massive pot from Fabrice Soulier because the Frenchman is down to about 40,000 while Kowssarie peers over 350,000.

Also near the top is Adam Junglen, from Stow, Ohio, who cashed in his W-dollars on PokerStars and has crept up to 235,000. Mark Teltscher, EPT winner in season two, has about 290,000.

Among the others:

Michael Wong (PokerStars qualifier) -- 165,000
Aditya Agarwal (PokerStars qualifier) -- 68,000
Daniel Stern -- 35,000
Martin Wendt -- 96,000
Mika Puro -- 25,000
Christopher Ulsrud -- 160,000
Katja Thater (Team PokerStars) -- 25,000
Cort Kibler-Melby (PokerStars qualifier) -- 45,000
Phil Starrs (PokerStars qualifier) -- 45,000
Michael Greco -- 55,000
Andrey Zaichenko (PokerStars qualifier) -- 90,000
Mark Vos -- 18,000

News of the unlucky bubble boy will be here soon.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in