EPT Barcelona: Redraw

Proving once and for all that live poker is rigged, Pete Giordano just bit the dust when he got it all in pre-flop with pocket kings but was blasted out of Barcelona by Tronde Eisvig's pocket rockets. Eisvig, from Norway, is tearing through the field and is the first player to pass 1,000,000.

Elsewhere, Mark Teltscher eliminated Javed Abrahams from the TV table: tens against A-J, no improvement.

The current chip counts -- out of date by the time I finish typing them, of course -- are as follows:

Aditya Agarwal - 350,000
Adam Junglen - 390,000
Voitto Rintala - 260,000
Greg Dyer - 305,000
Mohamad Kowssarie - 360,000
Mika Paasonen - 263,000
Juan Maceiras - 420,000
Tronde Eisvig - 1,000,000+
Patrick Bruel - 245,000
Christophe Ulsrud - OUT - busted by Sander Lylloff
Sander Lylloff - 350,000
Kees Alblas - 110,000
Alessio Isaia -- OUT -- a missed flush draw; knocked out by Mark Teltscher
Mark Teltscher -- 600,000
Davidi Kitai -- 140,000
Philip Yeh -- 305,000
Niklaus Jedlicka -- 980,000

Update: As expected, things happened while I was typing all that, and we're now down to 15 players and a redraw is imminent.

Brad Willis
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