EPT Copenhagen: 12 to come back tomorrow

by Simon Young

Play has now finished for the night, with 12 players coming back tomorrow. They will fight it out for the eight places on the final table later in the day.

It's been an exciting Day 2 of the EPT Copenhagen, with ElkY still in and flying the Team PokerStars flag. Not only that, but FOUR PokerStars qualifiers also remain in the hunt: Magnus Petersson, Erik Lindberg, Alexandre Poulain and Cole Morrow (who is here on frequent player points).

The first prize is a spectacular €550,000, give or take a few cents.


Richard Toth, Hungary: 611,000
Anders Wijk, Sweden: 562,000
ElkY, France: 455,000
Magnus Petersson, Sweden: 428,000
Samir Shakhtoor, Sweden: 368,000
Erik Lindberg, Sweden: 344,000
Theo Jorgensen, Denmark: 339,000
Thomas Holm, Denmark: 299,000
Mark Peterson, Denmark: 195,000
Alexandre Poulain, France: 166,000
Jan Sjavik, Norway: 128,000
Cole Morrow, Canada: 91,000

And to view the cash placings so far, click HERE.

Brad Willis
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