EPT Copenhagen: All In with 7-2

Magnus Petersson needed a double up, so what better hand to push with than 7-2 offsuit? Yup, Toth had raised to 55,000, so Petersson moved all in over the top for 429,000.

Toth went into the tank, and reluctantly called with A-9. Petersson was horrified and looked up to the sky. But wait, what's this? Ah yes, a flop of 2-5-Q putting the Swede ahead. The following K and J kept him there and he doubled up to more than 850,000, sending Toth down to less than a million.

Note: Do not generally go all in with 7-2, folks!

Now armed with chips, Petersson re-reraised ElkY all-in, pushing the Team PokerStars' Frenchman off the pot.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in