EPT Copenhagen: And they continue to fall

by Simon Young

The end of another level, and the end of the tournament for another bunch of players. Now just 78 remain as we head for level 12, with blinds kicking in at a hefty 1,000/2,000 and a 200 ante.

T J Cloutier had continued to impress with his steady climb, losing the odd chunk of chips, but then happily raking them back in again just a few hands later. But he has just taken two big hits, leaving him with 30,000. In one hand the flop came Jd-6s-3s. His opponent bet 10,000, T J reraised to 20,000 - and then folded when when the other guy pushed all in. T J showed the table Q-Q, the other guy obligingly showed A-J spades. So T J had been ahead, but his opponent had a great draw to improve. Our man now moves to the TV feature table.

Simon Mycock

The lead is chopping and changing, but Simon Mycock, a Brit now living in Denmark, seems to have it at the moment after concocting a stack of 160,000. Ireland's Roy "The Boy" Brindley is also on the move, with 150,000 behind him. PokerStars qualifier John Shipley, who I have not seen say a thing in two days, remains in contention with 78,000.

Roy Brindley

Team PokerStars' ElkY has continued to improve and now has 80,000, but PokerStars qualifier, plumber Brian Cook, is sunk. He chased his first flush draw of the tournament and was flushed down the pan.


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