EPT Copenhagen: Bubble pops

by Simon Young

The bubble has burst, and the unfortunate player out in 41st place - the last before the money is paid out - was Norway's Hilmar Tveit. Short stacked, he looked down to find A-Q and decided it was "now or never". Called by an A-8, he had a great chance to double up and make the cash.

Alas! An 8 on the flop sealed his fate, and he was walking to the rail with sympathetic applause ringing in his ears. Some of the players clapping, however, may have been doing so relief.

I'll get my coat: Hilmar Tveit is off

Elsewhere, T J Cloutier has now got up to 215,000. A class act, and it is showing. And Team PokerStars' ElkY is causing this blogger all sorts of problems. No sooner have I reported his rise, then his quick fall, than I have to report his rise again. That's right, the yo-yo Frenchman is now back up to 180,000 once more.

PokerStars qualifier Branislav Pajic, here from Canada with his brother, fell soon after the bubble in 40th place, and collects 41,472 Danish Krona (about €6,000).

Congratulations to the remaining players.

Brad Willis
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