EPT Copenhagen: Cloutier falls

Out: T J Cloutier

by Simon Young

T J Cloutier has been eliminated in 20th place. Shortstacked after missing a flush draw (though he also had a pair), he pushed in a battle of the blinds with Jan Sjavik. T J, in the small blind pushed all in with his remaining 40,000 or so with K-3 hearts. Sjavik called with 3-3. The flop was 9-Q-7 rainbow, followed by a 5 and a 7. No help, and the legend departed with a 76,032 Danish Kroner pay day, about €10,000.

Sjavik, from Norway, who was my pick for this title at the start of the day (honest!), moves up to a menacing 190,000.

Meanwhile PokerStars qualifier Cole Morrow from Canada, who got here for free using his frequent player points, is having a fantastic run in his first ever major tournament. He started the day with just 14,000, but has grown in confidence, and just survived a three-way all-in pot with K-K against a A-J and A-Q to move up to over 160,000. Two more qualifiers took the hit - Peter Fischer, who was busted, and Anton Smolyanskiy, who survives comfortably enough.

ElkY is now up to 245,000 and looking reasonably relaxed in his shades, and toying with his little scorpion chip protector.

Huge pot: Magnus Petersson

PokerStars qualifier Magnus Petersson has just won possibly the biggest pot of the night against Simon Mycock. Petersson's Q-Q saw him all in on the 3-J-10 flop against Mycock's A-J. The turn of a K gave Mycock a few more outs, but the river 2 changed nothing. Petersson is now up to over 500,000. Mycock has shrivelled to 40,000.
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