EPT Copenhagen: Cloutier having a ball

On the up: T J Cloutier

by Simon Young

T J Cloutier has seen it all in poker - World Series bracelets, final tables galore and top-selling books co-written with Tom McEvoy to name just some. Now he is enjoying his visit to Copenhagen, and starting to build a nice stack.

Currently he sits on 27,000, and is engrossed in a cheery, chatty table. That's not difficult when England's John Kabbaj and Kevin O'Connell are sharing the felt with you. When I dropped by, T J and Kabbaj were rather morbidly talking about people they knew in poker who had died. At the same time, some poor chap in seat 10 saw his tournament expire when his turned set of sevens were beaten by a flopped set of nines.

How long the banter will continue will surely depend on how the cards fall. A bad run, and any of these guys may retreat into a shell, which would be a shame for the crowd, who are lapping it all up.

Meanwhile, chip leader seems to be Bastian Landehagen, from Norway, who has just soared to 70,000 chips after taking a big pot off Morton Lund Jensen from Denmark. Jensen still has 50,000 chips behind him.

Danish charge: Morton Lund Jensen

PokerStars qualifier Magnus Petersson is doing very nicely. The Swede, who won his seat in a cash satellite, is on 40,000 and looking threatening.

Chip building: Magnus Petersson

Play has just moved on to the last level of the night. Blinds are 300-600 with a 75 running ante, and little over 100 players remain, all vying for that place in the official Day 2 tomorrow.
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