EPT Copenhagen: Drawing to a close

by Simon Young

The players have been so efficient at knocking each other out that tournament director Thomas Kremser has announced we are on the last level, with blinds of 300-600 and a 75 ante.

It looks like PokerStars qualifier Brent Wheeler, who lost some of his commanding chips at one stage, has won them back again, and will end the night as one of the leaders. Creeping up is Irishman Peter Roche, who just doubled through to 45,000 after his pocket fives became a set on the flop, flattening his neighbour's aces.

Team PokerStars is still well represented in the 90 remaining players, with Luca Pagano building steadily to about 23,000, and ElkY having something of a recovery to 16,000.

Brad Willis
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