EPT Copenhagen: ElkY claims TWO scalps

ElkY on the up and up

Team PokerStar' ElkY has eliminated two players in successive hands. First Alexandre Poulain, a PokerStars cash qualifier from France, moved all in with a K high (we did not see his second card). He was called by ElkY with A-Q and Magnus Petersson with an ace and lower kicker. Flop 3-8-6 and checked all way to the turn (4) and river (3). ElkY's ace high with best kicker won the pot.

Poulain finishes in sixth, collecting €89,000.

Alexandre Poulain

No sooner had the dust settled, than Samir Shakhtoor of Sweden was busted by ElkY as well. He got himself all in with A-3, called by ElkY's Q-Q. The flop was dealt slowly, and the first card we saw as an ace, brief cheer, followed by Samir's groan as the second card was a Q for ElkY's set. Nothing changed after that, and Samir goes back to his online dating business with €113,000.

Samir Shakhtoor and EPT TV presenter Natlie Pinkham

Players are on a ten-minute break. Chip counts:

Richard Toth: 1,683,000
ElkY: 1,285,000
Magnus Pettersson: 588,000
Theo Jorgensen: 430,000.
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