EPT Copenhagen: ElkY takes out Toth

Third place: Richard Toth

by Simon Young

We are heads up! ElkY has knocked out Richard Toth in third place. The two went on a pre-flop raising war, ending up all in. Toth was the short stack by some distance, and flipped over A-5, gutted to see ElkY's A-Q.

The flop of 3-6-7 gave Hungarian Toth the gutshot straight. Could he repeat ElkY's unlikely gutshot that won him that huge pot - and possibly the title - an hour before? No. Although the turn of 8 gave him more outs for a straight, the river was a J.

Toth, from Hungary, takes home an impressive €180,000 for his efforts. He had played with style, and was unlucky to lose not only that earlier hand to ElkY, but the one soon after when he called an all-in 7-2 bluff from Petersson, only to see his ace high outdrawn by a 2 on the flop.

Team PokerStars' ElkY now has comfortable lead over Petersson, who qualified in a PokerStars cash satellite. ElkY is on 2,675,000, and Petersson on 1,310,000. Blinds are still 10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante.

A reminder of what they are play for:
1st €547,000
2ns €309,000.

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