EPT Copenhagen: ElkY wins a monster

ElkY shows his relief after winning the pot

ElkY has just won the biggest pot of the tournament with 7-5 offsuit after rivering a gutshot straight against previous chip leader Richard Toth. But the way it happened left Toth speechless, and his stack decimated.

Before the flop ElkY raised with his dreadful cards to 45,000, Toth reraised to 116,000, ElkY re-reraised to 285,000 and Toth called. The pot was getting large. The flop was 4-3-J, checked by both players. The turn was a Q. Toth checked, ElkY bet 250,000, a huge semi-bluff. Toth called. The river was the magical 6. Toth checked, ElkY moved all in and Toth went into the tank.

What now? ElkY sat sipping his water, Toth tried to work out where he was at. Eventually he called. To his amazement, ElkY turned over 5-7 for the rivered gutshot straight. Toth said nothing as he mucked his cards, but his face said it all. Later at the table he revealed he had A-J.

ElkY is now runaway chip leader after raking in a pot of about about 2.5 million.
Brad Willis
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