EPT Copenhagen: Four tables left

We are down to 32 players and the last four tables. With the intention of getting down to a final of eight players, we could be in for a very long night.

So, with plenty of play left, and blinds at 3,000-6,000 with a 600 ante, there are plenty of chunky stacks, yet no one is running away with the lead at this stage.

Team PokerStars' ElkY continues his up and down day, and is now up to 230,000. He shot up again after his Q-Q not only held up against A-K, but improve further to a set on the flop. T J Cloutier is on 245,000 and looking as fresh as he did when he first walked into the room.

Lucky boy: Jonas Helness

One of the luckiest players still in is Jonas Helness, who faced elimination when all in on a flop with the UK's Iwan Jones. Jones had flopped a set of threes, miles ahead of Helness' pocket nines. As if by magic, the third nine came out on the turn, putting the Swede over 230,000. Jones, meanwhile, was left to reflect with his remaining 50,000 or so.

We have said farewell to PokerStars qualifier Harrison Williams, from Delaware in the US, who left us in 35th place, and a cash position. He had played superbly for two days, but got bogged down in the last few levels.

Gone, too, is England's Nick Slade, who lost that huge pot with Q-Q against T J Cloutier's A-A.

Others still with hefty stacks include PokerStars qualifier Magnus Petersson, from Sweden, and Simon Mycock from the UK. Both are on about 220,000.

Ireland's Roy Brindley, who was up to 155,000 a couple of hours ago, is now stuck on the 80,000 mark. And John Shipley, who lost a K-K v A-A battle to leave him seemingly down and out, is creeping back up, now to 80,000.

Brad Willis
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