EPT Copenhagen: Greek tragedy

by Simon Young

Friends Charalampos Tsaoussis and Maximilianos Trigas, both from Greece, have had terrible luck here in Copenhagen. They would certainly empathise with William Shakespeare, who wrote in Hamlet: "Something is rotten in the State of Denmark."

The pair, who both qualified in the same PokerStars cash satellite, played on separate day ones. Yesterday Maximilanos, a serial EPT qualifier, was dumped out of the tournament when his J-J was overtaken by 5-6.

Then today it was Charalampos' turn to curse the poker Gods, when his A-A was beaten cruelly by Q-Q, a flopped queen doing the irrepairable damage.

Meanwhile, one of our PokerStars plumbers has been moved next to T J Cloutier and Marcel Luske. Brian Cook from Indiana, now sitting on a healthy 30,000, may soon get fed up with Marcel's singing - and tell him to "put a plug in it". Marcel is still on 3,000 or so, but T J has got himself up to 12,000.

Brad Willis
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