EPT Copenhagen: I'm not scared of the Table of Death

by Simon Young

PokerStars qualifier Martin El-Kher (pokerbody) from Denmark has stood up to the perils of the Table of Death - and is enjoying being table boss. He now has about 22,000 and is showing no respect for the likes of Marcel Luske and T J Cloutier.

Luske, still bursting into occasional song, is down to 3,200, but as we have seen before, he is more than capable of turning it around in a hurry. Neighbour Cloutier is faring better, but still stuck on about 8,000. With Juha Helppi moved, only Alexander Stevic remains of the "Big Four" - and he is languishing on 4,400.

Team PokerStars' Tom McEvoy continues to build slowly, sitting on 15,300. He is on one of seven tables in a side room to the main casino, a by-product of the continuing popularity of the EPT.

Tom McEvoy

Bouyed after overdoing the plumbing jokes in a previous post - with no apologies - we have only gone and found another PokerStars qualifier who is a plumber. Or at least training to be one. He is Dennis Pedersen (DnP!) from Denmark, who is here after winning a satellite costing just 10 frequent player points! It's his first ever live tournament, and he is treading the water (sorry, another plumbing joke) on about 12,000.

Another local PokerStars qualifier, Michael Moehl (detlimegetjo), is being cheered on here by seven of his mates. But they are not urging him on to win - they want him to get busted so they can go out into the Copenhagen night and party. Some friends they are!

Michael, who is a student, is on 13,100 chips and this is his first big live event.

Blinds are now 100-200, and we still have 180 of the 200 starters left in. One of those struggling is last year's winner Mads Andersen. Nothing is going his way today and he sits on 4,400.

Brad Willis
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