EPT Copenhagen: It's Carnage!

Taking over: Anders Wijk

by Simon Young

It's utter carnage here in Copenhagen, with more than 60 playes walking the plank in the first two levels of Day 2, leaving 92 to fight on. It's the Scandinavian way, apparently, they are only interested in winning rather than settling for a cash place.

That makes for a chaotic room with huge pots moving around the tables, all-ins on a frighteningly regular basis, and cries and whoops as the move either works or falls flat on its face.

Among all the excitement, we have lost Team PokerStars' Tom McEvoy and Luca Pagano. Tom had been short-stacked and pushing all in for a while trying to find that elusive double up. Up to 16,000, he called an all in with A-K but could not improve against 7-7. Luca lost some momentum to lose a large slice of his stack before falling when his K-Q came up against J-J.

ElkY, however, is looking confident and guided his stack up from less than 20,000 to more than 50,000. He has now joined the table of overnight chip leader, Swede Bastian Landehagen, who has had a torrid start today, losing half his stack to Anders Wijk, who for now takes the chip lead.

Other players falling include Johnny Lodden, Peter Eichhardt, Martin Wendt and Dave Colclough.

PokerStars qualifier Harrison Williams, from the United Stars, is on T J Cloutier's table and up to 80,000. Other big movers are Cloutier himself, Denmark's Christian Grundtvig, PokerStars qualifier John Shipley from the UK, Simon Mycock and Ireland's Roy Brindley.

Harrison Williams

Christian Grundtvig
Brad Willis
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