EPT Copenhagen: Morrow's Sorrow

Out in ninth: Cole Morrow

by Simon Young

PokerStars qualifier Cole Morrow has busted in ninth, one place off making the final table.

Canadian Cole, a communications student, won his seat here with his frequent player points and goes home with €30,600.

He was the day's short stack, but survived countless all ins and saw three other players eliminated before biting the dust himself. He found A-10 under the gun and pushed his last 94,000 over the line. Theo Jorgensen, a master of chips tricks, folded, but Thomas Holm called - after asking the rest of the table if they wanted to call, too.

No one replied, and Holm pushed his 94,000 in. Everyone else did pass, although Anders Wijk, on the big blind, seemed to have a tough decision before chucking his cards away.

Showdown. Over went Cole's A-10, and agonosingly for him, over came Holm's A-K. The flop came K-10-6, giving both the pair, but Holm was dominating the Canadian. He needed another 10 but the turn was a J, adding a Q to his wish list on the river. It didn't come, instead a 5 nestled next to the other cards.

So now we are down to the last eight. We'll have all their details and the final table chip counts just as soon as we can.
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