EPT Copenhagen: New chip leader

Jonas Helness is OUT running his A-Q into fellow Swede Anders Wijk's Q-Q. It was a monster 380,000 pot that sent Wijk spinning to the top of the leaderboard.

We are now down to 23 players and may soon be without T J Cloutier, who has taken successive hits to his stack - now down to 60,000. He got in a huge tangle with PokerStars qualifier Anton Smolyanskiy that cost him just short of 180,000. Anton had A-Q against T J's A-4 with the flopped ace and a flush draw. T J has now been moved to ElkY's table.

The casino here in Copenhagen has to close by 3am under local law. It's nearly midnight and so touch and go that we will get down to the desired eight players before we are all kicked out.

In the press room, packed with about 30 assorted journalists and bloggers, there are green-with-envy eyes as a boozy party is being held right next door. Now that really is cruel.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in