EPT Copenhagen: Petersson takes control

Magnus Petersson has won a massive pot to take control in the heads-up battle with ElkY in Copenhagen. The pot was building after a flop of 7-10-2, another 2 on the turn and more money went in. Then a 3 on the river saw Petersson bet 70,000, ElkY re-raise to 220,000 and Petersson move all in over the top. Call.

Petersson had pocket threes for the rivered full house, ElkY showed A-2 for the trip. A massive pot swung the Swede's way. As it did so he jibed: "You shouldn;t play bad aces."

Petersson now has 3.2 million chips, ElkY is down to 800,000.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in