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EPT Copenhagen: Petersson Takes Title

EPT Copenhagen winner: Magnus Petersson

by Simon Young

Swede Magnus Petersson has won the EPT Copenhagen, beating Team PokerStars' ElkY heads up to win €550,000. "This is a very good feeling," he said. "I played tight early on and then changed gears when it mattered."

ElkY had a commanding lead when they sat down together, but two hands turned the tables. First Petersson rivered a full house to beat ElkY's trips. He pushed all in with the nuts, and ElkY had to call.

Down to 800,000 compared to the Swede's 3.2 million, the end was nigh, and it come just a couple of hands later. With blinds up to 15,000-30,000, ElkY raised pre-flop to 85,000, Petersson called.

The flop came Q-7-6, with two hearts. Petersson checked, ElkY bet 150,000 and Petersson re-raised all in. ElkY called with A-J hearts for the nut flush draw, Petersson showed Q-6 for two pair. A heart was needed badly by the Frenchman. The turn was J spades, giving him a pair, so now any heart, ace or jack on the river would do. None came, instead the 10 clubs hit the felt.

Petersson, 29, from Stockholm, and playing in his first EPT event, punched the air with delight. ElkY was gutted. He had played aggressively throughout the event, but fell at the last.

Delight: Petersson celebrates

Petersson, a financial advisor who qualified for this tournament in Denmark in a PokerStars cash satellite, picks up a huge pay day, but will not be considering playing as a pro. "I may play a few more tournaments now, though," he said.

"I have no real plans for tonight - maybe a drink. My girlfriend lives a couple of hours from Stockholm and bought a car today, a BMW. This money will pay for it. I am a financial advisor, so I will now advise myself to invest in some stocks and bonds.

"The standard here was very high. Richard Toth was one of my toughest opponents, but there are a lot of tough players. On Day 2 I was on the same table with Martin Wendt, Peter Eichhardt and Johnny Lodden, who all had position on me!"

He went to explain his 7-2 all in bluff - which worked when a two hit the flop. "I decided at that time to be more aggressive when we were down to three players and to use my tight image. Toth raised on the button, and as I needed to get chips I wanted to get them off him. ElkY would have called me, and I thought Toth would fold a lot of hands to my bluff. Unfortunately he called!

ElkY and Petersson heads up

"But I won the hand, and that helped when we got heads up and I hit the full house. When I went all in I am sure that earlier bluff was in ElkY's mind when he called me."

Petersson will now play in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final, and may take in the new EPT Poland event in Warsaw in March, too.

An entertaining aside is that he plays online poker five days a week, but keeps clear his Fridays and Saturdays to allow time with his girlfriend. Hang on, though, didn't he win his seat here in a PokerStars cash satellite played on a Saturday? "Ah, yes, but she was away that day... luckily."

ElkY, meanwhile, sloped off from the casino dejectedly musing about would could have been. At least he has €309,000 in his back pocket to console him.

It's been a great event here. 400 players started, and it is always nice to a see a PokerStars online player picking up the first prize, as well as a Team PokerStars player taking second.

Flying the flag: winner Petersson

Here's how the final table unfolded:

8th, Anders Wijk, Sweden: €50,000

Anders Wijk

Anders pushed with A-J but found a caller in Richard Toth holding K-K. The flop of 5-6-7 failed to help - and a K on the turn sealed the young pro online player's fate. Before sitting down, he told me: "I'm not very good at tournaments. I have been lucky here." Nice to see some modesty in the game, but believe me, he is a good tournament player.

7th, Thomas Holm, Denmark: €70,000

Thomas Holm

Richard Toth claimed another scalp - this time Thomas Holm was shown the door. After some raising, the pair settled on seeing the flop of 7-8-9. Toth checked, and Holm moved all in for his remaining 200,000 chips with A-Q. He met an insta-call, Toth's pocket sevens for the set explaining why.

6th, Alexandre Poulain, France, PokerStars cash qualifier: €89,000

Alexandre Poulain

He moved all in with K-7 and was called by ElkY with A-Q and Magnus Petersson with an ace and lower kicker. The flop, 3-8-6, turn and river were checked by the other two all the way. ElkY's ace high with best kicker won the pot.

5th, Samir Shakhtoor, Sweden: €113,000

Samir Shakhtoor

No sooner had the dust settled on Alexandre's exit, than Samir was busted by ElkY as well. He got himself all in with A-3, called by ElkY's Q-Q. The flop was dealt slowly, and the first card we saw as an ace. Brief cheer, followed by Samir's groan as the second card was a Q for ElkY's set. Nothing changed after that, and Samir goes home with loads of cash to invest in his new online dating business.

4th, Theo Jorgensen, Denmark: €137,000

Theo Jorgensen

The Dane pushed pre-flop with A-A and Richard Toth - who had just lost a huge pot to ElkY - called with Q-9 hearts "following my gut instinct". What followed was brutal - 10-4-7, one heart, turn J hearts, river 10 hearts. Quite a good gut instinct, that.

Now they were down to three:

ElkY, left, Petersson and Toth

3rd, Richard Toth, Hungary: €180,000

Richard Toth

Knocked out by ElkY following two brutal outdraws in previous hands, one by the Frenchman, the other ny Petersson. Here, he and ElkY went on a pre-flop raising war, ending up all in. Toth was the short stack by some distance, and flipped over A-5, gutted to see ElkY's A-Q. The flop of 3-6-7 gave Hungarian Toth the gutshot straight draw, but nothing happened to improve his hand.

2nd, ElkY, France, Team PokerStars: €309,000


After having his chip lead reversed by Petersson when his trips were overtaken by the Swede's full house on the river, ElkY was fighting an uphill battle. The end came after some pre-flop raising and a flop of Q-7-6 with two hearts. Petersson checked with Q-6 for two pair and moved all in when ElkY bet with A-J hearts for the nut flush draw. ElkY called, no help, and is the runner up.

Swedish financial advisor Magnus Petersson, 29, takes the EPT Copenhagen title and the small matter of €550,000.

I'm off to the bank: Magnus Petersson

And I'm off to bed. Hope you have enjoyed the coverage from Denmark.
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