EPT Copenhagen: Plumber plugs leak in game

Flood of chips: Brian Cook

Plumber Brian Cook is awash with chips after finding quad kings. He hit the monster and trap checked before moving all in - and getting the magical call.

Brian, 32, from Indiana in the United States, qualified for this event in a PokerStars 40 frequent player point satellite. He began playing about five years ago after seeing Chris Moneymaker win the World Series and thinking: "Hmm. I can do that." Now he is following in Moneymaker's chip-building footsteps, and is up to 24,000.

He's here with his brother, Robbie, while his wife waits at home, apparently hoping he wins some cash so she can go shopping. It is safe to say the plumber will find it a wrench to leave here empty-handed.

Elsewhere, Team PokerStars' Katja Thater is OUT in the cruellest of circumstances. She got all in with top two pair - and was called by an unknown player on a Gutshot straight draw. Agonisingly for Katja, he hit, and she was out of the door.

Another early faller was French singer Patrick Bruel, whose A-Q looked good on a Q-10-rag flop - except his opponent had made the set of tens.
Brad Willis
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