EPT Copenhagen: The Table of Death

Calm before the storm: Table Nine

by Simon Young

We have some poker big guns lining up to open fire here at Day 1B of the EPT Copenhagen. But as so often happens, the table draw has been mischevious - and many of these giants will be training their sights on each other.

Table nine is a classic that promises some explosive action. In seat one....

Marcel Luske

In seat two...

T J Cloutier

In seat six...

Juha Helppi

In seat nine...

Alexander Stevic

Phew. And stuck in the middle of this lot are a couple of PokerStars qualifiers, namely Martin El-Kher, from Denmark, and Kim Bernsten Vevle, from Norway. Marcel is, of course, a veteran of the EPT, and in fact won his seat here in a PokerStars qualifier using his FPP points.

T J Cloutier is a world-wide poker name, with enough World Series of Poker bracelets to weigh down even the strongest arm. He, too, got his seat in Denmark by playing a PokerStars satellite.

Juha Helppi, from Finland, has won more tournament money than would fit in my lounge, while Sweden's Alexander Stevic is an EPT veteran who won the Season One EPT Barcelona, and went on finish third in the Grand Final in Monte Carlo.

Will they keep clear of each other for the first few levels, or will there be carnage? We will keep a close eye on it all for you (from a safe distance, and wearing a tin hat, of course).

Elsewhere Team PokerStars Tom McEvoy and Katja Thater will be in action in a field that includes some EPT greats, including Denmark's Mads Andersen, who won this event last year; Holland's Rob Hollink, winner of the Grand Final in Monte Carlo two years ago; Norway's Bjorn-Erik Glenne, victor in Barcelona this season; the United States' Ben Johnson, second in Baden this season; England's John Shiply, winner of season one's London event; and a host of other top players like Jan Sjavik, Dario Alioto, William Thorson, Martin Wendt and Erik Friberg to name just a few.

Today's field of 200 players were set a benchmark last night by chipleader Brent Wheeler of 74,000 chips. Brent, from Illinois in the US, is a PokerStars qualifier. In fact, the first FOUR players from yesterday are PokerStars qualifiers.

Day 1A chip leader: Brent Wheeler

For a full list of Day 1A chip counts, and how our remaining qualifiers got on, click HERE.
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