EPT Copenhagen: Thorsson in, Luske out

I'll get my coat: Marcel Luske

by Simon Young

Just when our Table of Death looked like getting even more dangerous with the arrival of William Thorsson, we have lost Marcel Luske. Then tournament director Thomas Kremser spoilt the fun and broke up the table, scattering the remaining players around the room.

Luske's exit was inevitable as he was down to his last 1,575 chips. With the blinds at 150-300, he found 9-10 clubs in the cut off and put in 1,200. T J Cloutier folded, but Brian Cook called in the small blind, and William Thorsson - Scandinavia's Live Player of the Year - called in the big blind.

The flop of 2c-Js-3c saw Thorsson put in 2,500. Marcel, with the flush draw, emptied the rest of his chips on the table, and Cook folded. Showdown, and Thorsson showed the A-J both clubs, giving him top pair - and the nut flush if another club were to come. It did not, and Marcel was off to the rail, giving a polite handshake to the rest of the table before he left.
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