EPT Copenhagen: Tom McEvoy hoping for cards

Cards, please: Tom McEvoy

by Simon Young

Team PokerStars' Tom McEvoy sits down today with just 13,500 chips, and "wishing I had a few more". He sat patiently at his table throughout yesterday's Day 1B and was frustrated by a lack of decent starting cards.

And he is itching to get going today. First into the card room before play started, he was looking for his table to get settled before the others arrived. "Yesterday was a bit frustrating. I went up to 13,000 after level one but never went above 15,000 after that. So up in level one, but down up and down for the next seven." And he can be specific about these things - watch closely and you will see him write his chip count on a scrap of paper at the end of each level.

Tom is a world poker name. He won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 1983, and has been a prolific author, with T J Cloutier, of poker books. He is a class act, but everyone needs their fair share of cards to move up the leaderboard. Tom explained: "I had no cards all day, maybe three big pairs - tens, jacks and queens. I remember getting A-K once, maybe. I therefore had to make a couple of little plays to get chips, and did well on one hand where I flopped a set with a low pair.

"Now I have to get moving. The blinds are starting high today at 400-800."

Is this his first European poker experience? "Well it's my first EPT event. I have played in the Aviation Club in Paris, Dublin and the Isle of Man before, but this is the first actual EPT event.

"I found the play early on a little tighter than I expected, but late in the day the Scandinavians were playing much more aggressively which, of course they are known for. I really wished I had the hand to catch one of them out!

"I may not have finished yesterday with as many chips as I would have wished, but it has been great fun."
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