EPT Copenhagen: Unfair to the ladies

by Simon Young

German restaurant owner Thang Duc Nguyen, who won the EPT Baden in October, had no luck today - and the manner of his exit summed it up. Finding Q-Q he pushed, but was met with an A-K caller. In what seemed like cruel board overkill, both an ace and a king hit the board.

Thang Duc Nguyen: Out

With 133 players left from 215 starters, the short-stacks are starting to look worried. One is Holland's Noah Boeken, who has just lost a huge pot to regular PokerStars EPT qualifier Maximilianos Trigas, from Greece. It has left Noah on just 4,000, while Max (maximilian 74 on PokerStars) is up to 14,000.
Dario Minieri, meanwhile is OUT. He just could not seem to get going today, but fellow Italian Luca Pagano remains at the table with 14,000 or so.

Xuyen Pham, virtually killed off by her husband Steve Vlader a short while ago, is also now out, A-3 over taken by Q-J.

Play is still split between two rooms, such is the size of the field. But only five or six tables remain in the smaller of the two.

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