EPT Copenhagen: Wheeler on the move

Wheely well played: Brent Wheeler

by Simon Young

PokerStars qualifier Brent Wheeler has raced into the chip lead here in Copenhagen, sitting on just under 60,000 chips, a mile ahead of the 16,000 room average.

Brent from Illinois, but now living in Arizona, could have had even more chips when involved in a massive pot just now. He had K-K, an overpair to a raggedy board, and felt he was ahead until his opponent flipped over K-K as well!

Brent is a pro online player (bdubs3737 on PokerStars), and won his seat here in a cash satellite. He is used to EPT pressure, after appearing at Copenhagen and Austria last year, and recently celebrated a $40,000 live tournament win back in the United States.

He is looking more confident as the evening goes on and, barring any major misunderstandings, should be up at the top of the leaderboard going in to day two.

Someone who certainly will not be there is Noah "Exclusive" Boeken. The Dutchman, who won this event two years ago, missed a key flush draw to take his stack down to the minimum. Then he found Q-Q and pushed, and was chuffed to see Finland's Johnny Lodden call with A-10. There was an inevitability of the ace on the flop, and Noah was out. Lodden, after a slow and painful start to the day, is now up to about 12,000.
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