EPT Copenhagen: Wijk falls first

Anders Wijk

Sweden's Ander's Wijk is our eighth place finisher. He pushed with A-J but found a caller in Richard Toth holding K-K. The flop of 5-6-7 failed to help - and a K on the turn sealed the young pro online player's fate. He takes home €50,000.

Just two hands later, Denmark's Theo Jorgensen pushed all in for his remaining 85,000. That man Toth again called. Theo had A-K, Toth Q-10. The flop was K-3-4, no worries for Theo, but the turn was a Q, raising his heartbeat somewhat. The river, a 9, saved his Danish bacon.

Play on the final table up until then had been tight, a series of raise and then fold-all-round affairs. Any action had generally involved the aggressive Hungarian Toth, who twice pushed Thomas Holm off pots.
Brad Willis
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