EPT Day 4 Live Updates

This post will be updated continuously throughout Day 4 of the EPT Grand Final. Click refresh to see the most recent action.

The final eight players return at 4pm local time on Monday to play it out for the big money. Here are the final table players and their chip counts. A final report on the day will follow in a bit.

Seat 1: Ram Vaswani (UK) 432,000
Seat 2: Steve Jelinek (UK) 758,000
Seat 3: Marc Karam (Canada) 1,742,000
Seat 4: Andy Black (Ireland) 683,000
Seat 5: Soren Kongsgaard (Denmark) 1,612,000
Seat 5: Josh Prager (USA) 1,593,000
Seat 7: Gavin Griffin (USA) 2,597,000
Seat 8: Kristian Kjondal (Norway) 1,203,000

Blind level 12,000/24,000/3,000

1:43am--And just like that, we're down to the final eight. From our vantage, we couldn't see the cards, but it was clear Erik was ahead (we believe with two queens). The board ran out four spades, though, to give his opponent the flush. And that takes us down to our final eight players.

1:26am--PokerStars qualifier Alex Kim has just busted out. He nursed his short-stack to the money jump then got it all in with A9 suited in clubs. He got callers in both blinds. Marc Karam made Gavin go away after 533/T came out on the board. Karam ended up showing down JTo. After a six on the river, Kim was gone, finishing in 10th place. Right now, we're condensing down to one table of nine. Unless Erik Van Der Berg finds two quick double ups, we should be down to the final eight fairly quick.

Alex Kim

01:15am--Carlos Mortensen has been busted in 11th place. Short-stacked, the Spaniard pushed with 6-7 spades, and was called by Josh Prager, of the US, with Q-3 clubs. The flop was 9-5-6 with two clubs, giving Carlos the pair and a gutshot straight draw - but Josh the flush draw. Turn was 8 diamonds, filling Carlos' straight, but the river was 2 clubs, giving Josh the flush, and sending The Matador to the rail. He collects €66,360 for his week's work.

12:43am--We're back from break.

All action below is blind level 10,000/20,000/2,000

12:24am--Two all-ins and two wins. Alex Kim, while still short, just won't go away. This time he was behind but flopped trip nines against Marc Karam. We're now headed to break. Back in 15.

12:14am--It was a raise to 60,000 from Alex Kim that started it all. Gavin, pink hair and all, called from the button with pink chips. Then Marc Karam got involved from the small blind. He pushed out a stack of pinks--200,000 in all. Kim barely gave it a second thought.

"All-in," he said, waving his hand forward.

"Please show me queens," Karam said. "I call."

Alex flipped up pocket sixes and Marc tabled his kings.

A king on the flop and Alex is left with just 52,000 in chips. He's all in on the next hand and doubled up. Still, he's very, very short.

12:05am--Carlos Mortensen has just survived his all in to double up to 400,000. He pushed with A-Q clubs and found a caller in Kristian Kjondal holding 9-9. The flop was 2-10-4, all hearts, giving Kristian the flush draw as well. Turn 6 spades, and the river? Ace diamonds. Carlos punched the air and is breathing a little easier now.

11:54pm--Ram has just doubled up again. Ram came in for a raise, Karam came over the top all-in, and Ram called. He held K6 to Marc Karam's A9s. The flop wasn't bad for Marc--Q39. However, running ten and jack gave Ram the straight and nearly gave me a black eye as Marc flailed away from the table. He's still in, but not nearly as stacked as he was.

11:47pm--PokerStars qualifier, 19-year-old David Peters, just exited the event. He got all his chips in on a Ad9hTd flop. Alex Kim called his all-in check-raise with AQ. No kig, no running diamonds, no running straight cards. Peters leaves in 12th place, earning €66,360. As I tpyed this, Ram Vaswani doubled up. No details on that one unfortunately.

David Peters

11:35pm--Spain's Carlos Mortensen, now on the feature television table, has said he has been "card dead" for a couple of hours. He's just got the best two in some time, raised, but been forced to put them down after Josh Prager came over the top, effectively putting "The Matador" all in.

11:14pm--Pete "The Beat" Giordano is out in 13th place - his K-K busted by Kristian Kjondal's A-Q of clubs - the club on the river doing the damage. 12 players remain, just four to go before the final table is set.

11:14pm--Erik Van Der Berg has just dooubled through Ram Vaswani. Erik pushed all in with Ah9s. Ram called out of the big blind with KhQs. No help on the board for Ram and Erik now sits on 262,000.

In other news, the boys at that table are passing the time best they can. Karam has lost a good many chips and looks almost as miserable as Ram. Andy Black and Gavin Griffin, the two big stacks at the table, are joking it up and having a good time. It was also learned during this level that Gavin dyed his hair pink in support of a breast cancer awareness charity walk. He walked 39 miles over two days with pink hair. Should the PokerStars qualifier go on to win this thing, he could do a lot of good charity work with $2 million.

10:52pm--Alex Kim has just doubled up off Marc Karam. They got it all in on a KJT flop. Marc held JT for two pair to Alex's AK. A nine on the turn meant nothing, but an ace on the river gave Alex the win. He's now on about 670K

10:39pm--We've updated the EPT Chip Counts page. However, if you don't feel like clicking over, here they are, listed in order of seating.

Ram Vaswani (UK) 499K
Gavin Griffin (USA) 2.35M
Marc Karam (Canada) 1.1M
Andy Black (Ireland) 1.1M
Erik Van Der Berg (Holland) 235K
David Peters (USA) 400K
Alex Kim (USA) 333K

Kristian Kjondal (Norway) 1.1M
Steve Jelinek (UK) 950K
Soren Kongsgaard (Denmark) 910K
Josh Prager (USA) 550K
Carlos Mortensen (Spain) 450K
Pete Giordano (USA) 600K

All action below was at blind level 8000/16000/2000

10:22pm--Headed to break. We'll be back at 10,000/20,000/2000 in about 20 minutes.

10:04pm--In lieu of any action to report, a couple of notes. Ram Vaswani's stack is not much to write home about. He's nearly reched double up or go home time. He did just win a decent pot off Gavin Griffin, but he's still short. Word on the street is that we'll be seeing the TV tables change during the next break, due to come in 17 minutes.

9:55pm--As the money jumps get more impressive, the action has tightened up a bit. The big swings and chip-pushing have backed off a bit. Only a matter of time, though.

9:36pm--PokerStars qualifier Gavin Griffin has taken half a million chips off Ram Vaswani. Ram led the raising and betting pre-flop, on the flop, and on the turn. It cost Ram an additional 200,000 on the river to see Griffin's aces.

9:15pm--And another one bites the dust. This time PokerStars qualifier Jan Veit, who has only been playing poker for a year, has gone in 14th place, collecting a tasty €49,770. He pushed with 7-7, was called by Kristian Kjondal with K-Q diamonds. The flop was a devastating - K-K-A, and the turn another A. Only a miracle third ace could save Jan. It was a 2 and he leaves the arena, but can be very proud of his performance. Just 13 players remain.

9:08pm--Erik Van Der Berg, on a roller coaster today, just doubled through Alex Kim. His pocket tens held up over Kim's overcards. Van Der Berg is now up to around 650,000.

9:07pm--Philip Hilm has been eliminated by David Peters. His A8 couldn't outrun Peters' A9. Hilm finishes in 15th place, earning €39,820.

9:00pm--Just back from the dinner break - and we lose two players straight away. First to go - and very unluckily - was Christian Neirinck, whose A-A was overtaken by Steve Jelinek of the UK, when a K hit the turn. All in pre-flop, it's the sort of bad beat that hits you in a stomach like a sledgehammer. That pot puts Jelinek well over the million chip mark.

No sooner had Christian left, than Denmark's Philip Hilm also left the room, busted out on the feature table. Details to follow.

So we are now down to 14 players, all hoping to make it to the last eight positions for tomorrow's final table. We are on level 20, with blinds at 8,000-16,000 and 2,000 running ante.

8:50pm--Now back from dinner break. We'll be starting at 8000/16000/2000.

All action below here was blind level: 6000/12000/1000

7:04pm--Andy Black from Ireland is back in the hunt with the leaders after doubling up against Holland's Eric Van Der Berg. Folded around to Andy in the small blind, who raises to 32,000. Eric instantly re-raises to 100,000, followed by an all in from Black for close on 450,000. Eric dwelled for a minute or two before calling. Andy slapped A-A in front of him, while the dejected Dutchman flipped over 8-8. He need to catch and third snowman, but the board of 10-2-Q-A-K sealed it. Eric, one time chip leader, is now looking vulnerable on just a couple of hundred thousand chips.

Play has now finished for a 90-minute dinner break, due to restart at 8.30pm local time. Also, chip counts have been updated on our chips page.

6:47pm--After another extended break to re-set at two tables, we're back to play for another 15 minutes before the dinner break. It gives us just a moment to mention Josh Prager, PokerStars qualifier. He's a man of some success, having cashed in both the Aussie Millions and the WSOP in the past. After taking a year off to see to his new baby, he's back on the scene and making a strong run here.

Josh Prager

6:28pm--Just moments after losing the big hand to Ram, Kristof went out, getting pocket queens all in against Andy Black and Ram Vaswani. On a Ac9c6h flop, Black bet out 100,000 and Ram raised to 300,000. Black folded in disgust and Ram turned up A4o to Kristof's pocket queens. Black didn't say what he folded, but didn't look at all happy to see Ram's little ace. No queen for Kristof and he is out in 17th place for 33,180. We're now down to 16 players and condensing to two tables.

Kristof de Smedt

6:19pm--England's Ram Vaswani has won a huge pot against Kristof de Smedt, doubling through to more than 800,000. All the chips flew in on a flop of 9-8-2 - Ram had 8-8, Kristof 9-7. The turn was a 5 and the river 9 for Ram's full house. That pot leaves Kristof on just 100,000 or so.

6:12pm--Word from the TV table is that Marc Karam has just sent Dean Sanders, PokerStars FPP qualifier, to the rail after rivering a full house against Sanders flopped straight. Sanders leaves in 17th place, for 33,180. Down to 17 players. One more and we condense to two tables.

6:05pm--PokerStars has lost one of its remaining FPP qualifiers with Roi Elmaliah losing out when his K-2 failed to improve against Pete Giordano's 4-4. The flop of K-8-4 gave The Beat a set, and nothing changed after that. Roi picks up €33,000 for his 19th place - not bad considering he got here for free!

Roi Elmaliah

5:55pm--Man down! Norway's Lars Eidissen is out in 20th place after running his A-K hearts into PokerStars qualifier Josh Prager's 7-7. The board of J-2-4-6-4 sealed his fate. Andy Black, meanwhile, has just doubled up when his A-10 spades not only held up against Philip Hilm's A-9, but improved into a set. "I've got balls of steel," he said. "That's poker."

5:50pm--Roi Elmaliah has just doubled through against Pete "The Beat" Giordano. Roi, a PokerStars frequent player point qualifier from Israel, pushed his remaining 150,000 or so with his 3-3, called by Pete's A-Q diamonds. Race time - and Pete looked to have won it when the flop came A-9-9. Just as Roi was picking up his belongings, the 3 came on the turn for his boat. The river, a 4, kept him afloat. He's now up to 300,000.

5:35pm--Anthony Lellouche has been eliminated in 21st place after getting Q8o all-in against Alex Kim's AK. A K38-A-A board did him no good and he's cashing for 33,180.

5:18pm--Back from break with a new blind level and 21 players remaining. As a reminder, we're playing down to the final eight today. Those players will return tomorrow for the EPT Grand final televised final table.

Allaction below this line at blind level 5000/10000/1000

4:56pm--Boom, boom, boom. Just like that, we've lost three players. Phillip Hilm found a call with A6 suited in spdes after raising and then seeing two all-ins ahead of him. He ws up against 55 and JJ and, to his opponents' disgust, the dealer threw out an all-spade flop. Simon Johansson and another player Johannes Strassman were eliminated back to back.

At the same time, we lost Shane Reihill on the adjoining table, with 66 versus Josh Prager's AQ. Down to 21 players and on a 15 minute break.

4:47pm--Well, the two minutes it was supposed to take to condense tables has taken 20. It takes a while to re-set the TV table. We're now back underway with 24 players left.

4:30pm--As we condense down to three tables, I think it's worth pointing out, we still have four (FOUR!) PokerStars FPP freeroll winners alive in the Grand Final. Roi Emaliah, Kristof de Smedt, Dean Sanders, and Jan Veit are all here on 100% freerolls. Their ROI is already pretty sweet.

Dean Sanders

Jan Veit

4:26pm--Christopher Ulsrud has just been eliminated after his top pair top kicker was bested by Steve Jelenik's two pair. Ulsrud finishes in 25th place.

4:03pm--Alex Kim, PokerStars qualifier from Philly, is having an odd week. He arrived in Monte Carlo just fine. His luggage did not. Not sure how he's survived, but I think it's a good thing PokerStars provided all its qualifiers with a new wardrobe of PokerStars gear upon their arrival. Kim also finished yesterday in sixth place with more than half a million chips. While he just lost about 150,000 to Andy Black (Black turned trip aces and Kim had to lay down his hand...not sure what it was), Kim is playing a really strong game and has a good shot at the final table.

3:59pm--Conrad reports from the TV table that PokerStars qualifier Roi Emaliah, who is being sweated by his charming girlfriend Frankie, just doubled through Philip Him with pocket aces.

3:50pm--Ben Calinnan has been eliminated from the TV table with 9hTh. He went up against Marc Karam's QQ. Many of you might remember, Karam made the final table here last year. He, like Erik Van Der Berg, seems set on making this event his to win.

In other news, Ram Vaswani was set to double up. He held 65o to Gavin Griffin's A5. The flop was 4-J-6. All the money went in on the turn, a seven. Ram held held a pair and open-ender. Griffin called with his open-ender. A three on river chopped the pot.

3:47pm--Conrad reports from the TV table that Marc Karam has just doubled up against Andy Black with JJ vs Black's AK. Five blanks for Black on the board and Karam is back in action.

3:46pm--Erik Van Der Berg has just doubled through Anthony Lellouche with QQ vs 88.

3:39pm--Alright, details for the last hand. Jacob Larsson held AK suited in diamonds to Simon Johansson's 88 and Josh Prager's JT. They were all-in pre-flop. The board ran out T23-6-x. Prager doubled up, Johansson won the side pot with his eights, and PokerStars FPP qualifier Jacob Larsson exited in 27th place, earning 26,550 euros.

Jacob Larsson

3:35pm--We're down to 26 as a big three-way all-in (88 vs. AK vs JT with the JT winning the main pot and 88 winning the side) went off on Table 1. Details to come.

3:25pm--News from Conrad at the TV table, Roi Emaliah, FPP qualifier from Israel went all in with A10, his first move of the day. Andy Black called with A6. No help for Black and Emaliah doubles up.

3:16pm--Down to 27 with the departure of PokerStars qualifier Herman Zango of Costa Rica. He got it in versus Erik Van Der Berg (a man who seems determined to make this HIS tournament). Zango held AT suited in diamonds to Van Der Berg's AQ of clubs. The flop came Q-J-J with one diamond. The turn is the eight of diamonds, giving Zango a flush draw. Two of spades on the river and Zango is gone in 28th place, earning 26,550 euros.

3:11pm--We're back from the break and the color-up (bye-bye 100 chips). Twenty-eight players remain.

All updates below this were at Blind Level 4000/8000/800

2:56pm--We're on a break with 28 players remaining. We'll be coming back to more expensive poker at the 5000/10000/1000 level.

2:46pm--Down to 28 as Josh Arieh has busted off the TV table. He got all his chips in with 99 vs. Philip Hilm's JT. Unsure of the pre-flop action, but Hilm finished off with a straight to send Arieh packing. My buddy Conrad from PokerStars is behind the scenes and says Arieh was earlier crippled by Hilm when Hilm held AA to Arieh's K3.

2:43pm--Kristof de Smedt has just knocked out Richard Waters with AK vs. AJ. We're down to 29.

2:40pm--We've lost Romania's Cristinel Dumitru. We're unsure what he hald but on a flop of K-7-9, Erik Van Der Berg checked and Dumitru checked. The turn was a jack and Van Der Berg bet out 28,000. Dumitru called. The river was another nine. Van Der Berg bet enough to put Dumitru all-in. Dumitru called and Van Der Berg showed JJ for the turned set and rivered full house.

2:36pm--The only table we have a hard time covering here is the one featured for televison. However, you don't have to miss any of the action between Andy Black and Josh Arieh. Just check out EPT Live for live streaming coverage and expert commentary.

2:31pm--David Mobbs, who started the day as one of the shorter stacks, has been eliminated in 32nd place.

2:27pm--It will be FPP qualifier vs. FPP qualifier today as Jacob Larsson and Kristof de Smedt are sitting at the same table. Both of these guys are on a freeroll here and already guaranteed more than 25,000 euros.

Kristof de Smedt

Jacob Larsson

2:08pm--After a very short delay, we're underway for Day 4 of the European Poker Tour Grand Final. Thirty-two players remain with 35 minutes left in this level.

The above reports are provided by the writers of the PokerStars Poker Blog, Brad Willis, Simon Young, and Ed Ramshaw, with loads of research support by Mad Harper.

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