EPT Dortmund: Andreas having a ball

Table comic: Andreas Hoivold

by Simon Young

The remaining six players are back from their dinner break - and Andreas Hoivold is in jolly mood. The table's short-stack, he moved all in three times in the first four hands. Not once was he called. "Well it works everytime - until the last one," he said.

The Norwegian has also stepped up his speech play as he seeks that elusive double up to get him back within reach of the summit.

Although not a double up, he did just win a huge 400,000 pot against Christiano Blanco. He bet out on the flop of 5-5-4, matched by Blanco. "Good call," says Hoivold. The turn was a Q, checked by both. The 8 river caused a 120,000 bet from Blanco, which Hoivold called, saying: "I really hope you do not have something." The Italian had nothing but ace high, so Hoivold's K-Q won the day. He's feeling a little more comfortable now.

Blinds are now back up to 15,000-30,000 with 3,000 ante after they were wound back a level when the final table started.

Latest chip counts:

Christiano Blanco: 1,340,000
Gunnar Rabe: 1,320,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg: 780,000
Andreas Hoivold: 620,000
Jacob Ramussen: 660,000
Erik Lindberg: 415,000.
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