EPT Dortmund: Beever's stack gnawed away

Back to square one: Joe Beevers

by Simon Young

Hendon Mobster Joe Beevers has seen his 20,000 stack cut in half after getting his kings up against aces. He's now back to where he started, but still in a jovial mood.

"When I sat down there were three people at the table who I felt would lose their chips in the first three levels. I managed to get a lot of their chips and was running well, but then I ran my K-K into aces. I couldn't get away from it, so I'm back to about 10,000 again. It feels like a re-buy!"

His team-mates - Ram Vaswani and the Boatman brothers, Barny and Ross, are expected to play tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the first half of today's remaining field have wiped the crumbs from their lips and are heading back into the tournament hall, while the other half get up to enjoy their dinner break.

Latest movers in the upward direction include fearsome Norwegian Johnny Lodden, on 22,000, and Britain's Julian Thew who has eased past 20,000. Hungary's Richard Toth, one of the best new players of the past year, is stagnant on about 7,000.

Team PokerStars ElkY, Bertrand Grospellier from France, continues his steady climb and sits happily on 17,500.
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