EPT Dortmund: Brief encounter

Holding court: lawyer Pablo Rua

by Simon Young

Spanish PokerStars qualifier Pablo Rua is well qualified to deal with people stealing his blinds - he's a top lawyer. He's not doing too bad here in Dortmund, either, and has rocketed up to 22,000 after picking up a set.

"I had 9-9 and the man in early position had A-K. He raised pre-flop and I called, and the flop was excellent for me, A-9-10. He thought he was ahead and bet, I raised and we both ended up all in. Nothing changed on the turn or river and I'm now in a great position."

Song and dance: Dilba Demirbag

Also holding her own is PokerStars player Dilba Demirbag, a well-known singer-songwriter from Stockholm in Sweden. She was up to 16,000 at one point, but is now back down to 7,500. She's looking very much at home at the table, which she now shares with former professional footballer Tony Cascarino and John Shipley.

Shipley, from England, is a serial PokerStars qualifier, and has already won a seat to the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo - twice! "I play mainly cash games and tournaments during the week, then at weekends will play the PokerStars satellites for these events. I seem to be doing quite well with them at the moment!" Unfortnately his luck is not holding out here, and he's down to about 4,000.

Cube in a stack

Meanwhile, with blinds up to 150-300 and 160 of the 236 starters remaining, Mats Iremark has tired of playing with his Rubik cube after solving it twice. He's now decided to form his chip stack around it, another poker first, I reckon.
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