EPT Dortmund: ElkY busted

Team PokerStars' ElkY is OUT. Morbid details will follow when I get them, but he was stuck on 8,000 or so looking for a double through.

Frederik Haugen from Swden has taken over the chip lead from Andreas Hagen, sitting on a huge 80,000 or so chips. Most came in a huge pot when he speculatively raised under the gun with Q-10 and was smooth called by his opponent with A-A. He hit the open ended straight draw on the flop, and filled up on the turn.

With 126 players still in, it has been announced we will play TEN levels today, instead of the publicised nine, meaning we are heading for a 3.50am finish local time.

Marcel Luske

Meanwhile, next to the main tournament area, we have had an interesting sideshow during most of the day - a special televised sit and go dubbed German Stars of Poker. Included in the field were Team PokerStars' Katja Thater, Michael Keiner, and Marcel Luske (okay, he's a Dutchman, but he speaks jolly good German).

Forget your average PokerStars sit and go, which may go on for an hour or so, this marathon lasted from late afternoon into mid evening. Keiner and Luske got heads up, and after a titanic battle, Luske won when his K-2 beat Keiner's Q-10. Luske wins a €10,000 seat in the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo as a result.

Brad Willis
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