EPT Dortmund: End of Day 1A

by Simon Young

Play has finally finished after a marathon Day 1A here in Dortmund. Of the 237 starters, only 59 remain to come back on Saturday for Day 2.

We'll have the overnight chip counts for you as soon as we can, but it looks like Norway's Johnny Lodden leads the way with over 100,000 chips, followed by Sweden's Frederik Haugen with about 80,000. Andreas Hagen of Norway is one of those close behind, alongside PokerStars qualifier Pablo Rua, a Spanish lawyer.

Author Anthony Holden, flying the PokerStars flag today, looks to have survived with 17,000. Team PokerStars player ElkY (Bertrand Grospellier of France) was an early faller, although Ireland's Andy Black had gone within the first few levels after running K-K into A-A.

We have several PokerStars qualifiers still in the hunt, including Spanish lawyer Pablo Rua, and Swedish singer-songwriter Dilba Demirbag.

Quirk of the day was Swede Mats Iremark's fondness for his Rubik cube, which he must have completed six times before busting out well into the evening.

Join us tomorrow when we start afresh with Day 1B. Big names taking centre stage include Team PokerStars' Katja Thater, appearing in her country's first EPT, new teammate Noah Boeken, Marcel Luske, Michael Keiner, Roland de Wolfe, Ram Vaswani, Barny and Ross Boatman, and another host of PokerStars qualifiers.

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