EPT Dortmund: Goodnight from Germany

by Simon Young

Play has finished for the day, and 13 players remain for the big push to the final table tomorrow.

Late fallers were Ben Grundy in 16th, pushing with K-3 suited but finding Michael Muecklisch behind him with A-K. Tommy Klurup went in 15th, when his A-10 failed to improve against Nicolas Levi's pocket sixes, and finally PokerStars qualifier Jesper Witved departed in 14th when his J-Q push ran into Chris Steihler's Monster A-A.

So the remainder all have a chance for the title of EPT Dortmund champion, in the knowledge they will have won against the biggest field (493) an EPT has seen. Among them German PokerStars qualifiers Sebastian Ruthenberg and Muecklisch, Johnny Lodden from Norway, who has safely navigated through the day which he started as chip leader, and France's Thomas Fougeron, who was amazingly down to just 600 chips at one stage yesterday. Infact, he thought he had been busted, but was called back to the table when he made a runner, runner flush!

Make sure you check back here tomorrow for all the final day action - and to see who has won the bumpper €672,000 first prize.

And to see who has cashed so far, please click HERE.


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