EPT Dortmund: Hagen takes control

by Simon Young

Norway's Andreas Hagen is the runaway chip leader as we approach fold or push time for most of the short-stacks. Blinds are up to 200-400, and with antes of 50, there is now no time to hang around.

One of the push or fold merchants was unlucky with A-K against 8-8. First two cards on the flop were kings, but the third was an eight, giving his grateful opponent the boat.

Another remains in - just - after raising with A-K and finding two callers, including Mats Iremark, who has again got his Rubik cube out for a twiddle. The flop was K high, so the initial raiser shoved in 5,000, only for Iremark to push all-in for a thousand or so more. Turns out the Swede had K-K for a flopped set, and he doubles up to about 17,000 - the room average.

Just under 140 players remain, and we will play a full 9 levels tonight (another two) before disappearing through the forest and back to nearby Dortmund.

Meanwhile, Team PokerStars' ElkY was down in the dumps on 3,000 or so, but has just trebled up his Q-Q held up against two callers.

And good news for author Anthony Holden - up to about 30,000 after doubling up with A-8 v A-7 on a flop of 8-7-2.

Brad Willis
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