EPT Dortmund: Johnny Be Gone

Unlucky 13th: Johnny Lodden

by Simon Young

Johnny Lodden must wait a while longer for his first big live tournament win - he has just been busted in 13th place by Sweden's Erik Lindberg.

Under the gun, Nicolas Levi raised up to 60,000. Quick as a flash, Lodden, from Norway, moved his 210,000 stack all in holding 6-6. Just as quick, however, Lindberg called on his left with A-K. The original raise from Levi did not look like such a good move now, and he folded.

So it was a straight race. The flop? 5-3-A, leaving Lodden in desperate hope of a 6 to save his tournament life. The turn was 3, and river 4, and the man who lead after Day 1A was walking crestfallen to the exit with €20,900. Lindberg is up to more than 600,000.

Just a few hands later we lost Vincent Sokalski from Pennsylvania. Down to his last 140,000 or so, he re-raised all in on the button with A-10 to Jacob Rasmussen's 60,000 raise from the cut-off. Rasmussen had A-Q suited, and Sokalski needed a small miracle. It didn't come - the flop K-5-6 with two spades also gave Rasmussen the flush draw. The turn was a rag and the river 7 of spades for the Dane's nut flush.

Sokalski leaves in 12th place with €27,800 to take back to school.
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