EPT Dortmund: Katja out

by Simon Young

Team PokerStars' Katja Thater is out. She had struggled to find a decent hand all day, and on the promising ones rarely found a positive flop. She joins the rail with Marcel Luske, Ross Boatman and Martin Wendt to name just a few of the 70 or so we have lost so far.

We are now on blinds of 150-300 and the running antes have kicked in at 25, which generally speeds up the action somewhat. Those making a move include Tobias Holmeider on 51,000, German internet sensation Sebastian Ruthenberg on 42,000 and Fabrice Soulier from France on 30,000. Austria's Marcus Golser, the early chip leader, still sits with 42,000 - although he's sitting a little more comfortably thanks to having a massage at the table.

Flying Dutchman derailed: Marcel Luske

Britain's Roland de Wolfe, the only holder of a WPT and EPT title, is heading skywards with 33,000, while Magnus Petersson, winner of the Copenhagen EPT is on 28,000. Another previous EPT winner, Duc Thang Nguyen is also doing well in his home EPT event, with 40,000 chips.

Team PokerStars' newest recruit Noah Boeken has 12,000, while Sverre Sundbo continues his stunning comeback from just 600 - now up to 16,500! "A guy who has hardly played a hand all day suddenly pushes with K-K. I have A-A so.... thank you very much."

Meanwhile, March Swartz, from Arizona is out after his Q-Q was busted by A-K. But it was not an ace or king that did the damage, but a runner, runner flush. "It was a terribly hard way to go out - and very disappointing to have come all this way and end it with a bad beat like that. But it has been a great experience and everyone at PokerStars has looked after us all so well."

His new friend, and fellow PokerStars qualifier Noel Garcia from California is still going strong, up to about 14,000.

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