EPT Dortmund: Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Money, money, money: the cash awaits

by Simon Young

It's Sunday in Germany and the world and his wife appear to have come out of the house for a healthy walk. Hohensyburg, home to our casino for this EPT Dortmund event, is crawling with people out for a stroll in the beautiful rolling hills and forests. Even their kids have joined in. And to add to the atmosphere, about 200 bikers have roared up for a ride-out, too.

No chance for such relaxtion for 13 poker players today, as they have the serious matter of winning an EPT event to worry about, complete with its first prize of €672,000. Even the first to be busted today is guaranteed €20,900.

We have four PokerStars qualifiers remaining: Sebastian Ruthenberg and Michael Muecklisch from Germany, Gunnar Rabe from Sweden, and Vincent Sokalski from the US. He's from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is about to graduate in engineering. Handy, as he certainly knows how to build a big stack.

Joining them are several big guns - including Norway's Johnny Lodden, Erik Lindberg from Sweden, and France's Thomas Fougeron, who has stunned everyone by coming back from just 600 chips on his Day 1. It's a trick he has done before. At Copenhagen he played a deep-stack sit and go, got a bad beat and was down to just one chip - enough for one ante. He ended up winning that game, so maybe fate will give him his chance here.

Play is due to begin at 3pm local time (9am US Eastern time). We will play down to eight, when the final table will begin. Blinds will start at 10,000-20,000 with a running ante of 2,000.

Don't forget we have our unique live webcast of the final table action, due to start at around 5pm local time (11am US Eastern time) at EPTLive.com.

You can see today's starting chips and the cash payouts so far by clicking HERE.

And just to show how little we, the media, know, we have had a book opened on who we think will win. Favourite with three backers is floppy-haired Frenchman Thomas Fougeron - the fact that all three are women may just be a coincidence! For the record, my money is on Michael Muecklisch.
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