EPT Dortmund: Lindberg busted

Erik Lindberg has been busted in sixth place, a victim of Christiano Blanco. Blanco raised pre-flop, Lindberg moved all in with his remaining 260,000, and Blanco, after some deliberation, called. He showed 6-6 to Lindberg's K-J.

The flop was A-9-5, all spades, giving the Swede a flush draw with his J spades. But the turn and river failed to drop a K, J or spade, and he was putting on coat and collecting €109,000 for his efforts in Dortmund. Blanco, meanwhile, eases slightly more ahead in the chip lead.

Blinds have gone up to 20,000-40,000, with 4,000 running ante.

Brad Willis
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